Knitting, Beading, Paper Crafts & Sewing (And The YouTube Channels That Keep Us Making!)

With the holidays coming and winter upon us, crafting and making have taken over our house! Join us for a conversation full of recommendations for bringing maker arts into your home: we cover paper airplane making and origami, self-taught knitting, bead work, craft kits, and more. We also share resources for learning these handicrafts online, plus how our family organizes supplies for creative making. As always, we’ll share what we’re reading, too!

This is the final episode of 2020! We’ll take an extra week off over the holiday and be back the first Monday of 2021, on January 4. Talk to you then!


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Several of the tutorials below are on YouTube, which we usually use only with supervision/parents in the room in our home. Do what works for you!

What you’re reading:

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