Smart Media Picks For The Whole Family

Kidliterate is a podcast about books and media for kids, hosted by Sarah Powers (of the popular weekly parenting show The Mom Hour) and her 11-year-old daughter, Allegra.

In each episode Sarah and Allegra discuss the, books, shows, podcasts, and music that their family enjoys–PLUS how they discover great media for kids AND how they consume it–plus other fun stuff like board games, tablet games and movies.


Summer Reading

It’s time to talk summer reading! We discuss how we find books to read over the summer, how to motivate reluctant readers and whether our family uses reading challenges or incentives, and one special tradition that kicks off summer reading in our family every year. And, as always, we talk about what we’re reading and what YOU all are reading.

Birthday Gifts For All Ages

Books and other media make for great gifts! In Episode 15 we offer 10 birthday gift ideas for kids from preschool through teen–most of them from the realms of learning and literacy. We also chat about quarantine birthdays and, of course, what we’re reading lately.

The Long & Short Of Board Games

Need some new ideas for family games and board games? We think it’s helpful to have a few that take a LONG time to finish and others that can be played quickly. In this episode we talk about the merits of both long and short board games and offer a few of our favorites in each category. As always, we wrap up the episode with what we’re reading and what YOU’re reading.