Smart Media Picks For The Whole Family

Kidliterate is a podcast about books and media for kids, hosted by Sarah Powers (of the popular weekly parenting show The Mom Hour) and her 11-year-old daughter, Allegra.

In each episode Sarah and Allegra discuss the, books, shows, podcasts, and music that their family enjoys–PLUS how they discover great media for kids AND how they consume it–plus other fun stuff like board games, tablet games and movies.


Favorite Less-Talked-About Books From Our Home Library

It’s easy to get excited about new books at the library or in stores, but sometimes we forget just how many great books we already have at home. In today’s episode Sarah and Allegra each choose four books – across multiple age levels and genres from picture books through YA fiction – to spotlight from our home shelves. We share why we chose them, why we love them, and who else might love them too. As always, we close the show with what we’re reading lately, and welcome two special guest voices to share what THEY’re reading right now too. Enjoy!

Educational (And Fun!) Nonfiction Books

From encyclopedias to biographies, nonfiction additions to your home library make for great learning–and fun–at all ages. In Episode 29 we share some of the reasons we love a well-curated nonfiction collection, recommendations for capturing kids’ natural interest through nonfiction books, tips for reluctant readers, and more. Plus, as always, we share what we’re reading and what YOU’re reading.

TV Series For Tweens, Teens & Families

From animated comedies to edgy documentaries, 1990s mega-hits to new releases, our family is big into streaming television lately. Today’s episode is fully of recommendations for TV shows to watch as a family as well as shows specifically for elementary-aged viewers, tweens, and teens. As always, we round out the episode with book recommendations inspired by what we’re reading AND what you’re reading with your kids these days.