Smart Media Picks For The Whole Family

Kidliterate is a podcast about books and media for kids, hosted by Sarah Powers (of the popular weekly parenting show The Mom Hour) and her 11-year-old daughter, Allegra.

In each episode Sarah and Allegra discuss the, books, shows, podcasts, and music that their family enjoys–PLUS how they discover great media for kids AND how they consume it–plus other fun stuff like board games, tablet games and movies.


Time Travel Through Books, TV & Movies

Whether it’s through an old attic, a mysterious tree house, or a speeding Delorian, the idea of traveling through time to another era makes for great storytelling. Inspired by a new television series that hooked us recently, we look at time travel as a genre: from why we love it to how different authors handle it. We offer some book, TV and movie suggestions for other fans of time travel and, of course, we also share what we’re reading and what YOU’ve been reading lately.

What YOU’RE Reading (and New Year Reading Goals!)

Ready to read more in 2021? We’ve got you covered with listener-recommended books for everyone in the family, toddler through adult! Join us as we welcome in a new year of reading by sharing what’s new and what’s motivating us in our own reading lives, and then present YOUR book suggestions through emails and voicemails we’ve collected recently. You’ll hear from kids and grownups from around the world as they share what books they’ve been loving lately.

Knitting, Beading, Paper Crafts & Sewing (And The YouTube Channels That Keep Us Making!)

With the holidays coming and winter upon us, crafting and making have taken over our house! Join us for a conversation full of recommendations for bringing maker arts into your home: we cover paper airplane making and origami, self-taught knitting, bead work, craft kits, and more. We also share resources for learning these handicrafts online, plus how our family organizes supplies for creative making. As always, we’ll share what we’re reading, too!