Smart Media Picks For The Whole Family

Kidliterate is a podcast about books and media for kids, hosted by Sarah Powers (of the popular weekly parenting show The Mom Hour) and her 13-year-old daughter.

In each episode we discuss the, books, shows, podcasts, and music that our family enjoys–PLUS how we discover great media for kids AND how we consume it–as well as other fun stuff like board games, tablet games and movies.

We finish each episode by sharing what we’re reading right now, and what YOU’re reading (send us an email and we’ll spotlight you and your family on the show!).


Family Meetings + Summer Planning

In our house, a weekly family meeting on Sunday afternoons helps set expectations, troubleshoot issues, and – best of all – make plans for FUN! In today’s episode Sarah does a deep dive into how family meetings work in the Powers house, from what, when, why, and how they happen to sample agenda items and ideas for making them fun for kids of different ages.

Travel Dreams Inspired By What We Read & Watch

As more families start to travel again this spring and summer, we’re chatting about our own wanderlust, and how it relates to the media we consume. We talk about where we’ve been, where we’d like to go, and how the books we read and the shows we watch have inspired our travel goals. Plus we’ve got updates to what we’re reading (and listening to), and what YOU’re reading too.

Technology That Helps Us Read, Listen & Play

Behind the books we read, the podcasts we love, the movies we watch, and the music we listen to are the methods by which we consume the media. From smart speakers to apps, headphones to charging solutions, today’s episode is all about the tech in our lives that helps us consume the media we love.