How Kids Get The News

This year, breaking news and current events have been hard to avoid–2020 just keeps on delivering unbelievable twists and turns. Join us for Episode 19 of Kidliterate, where we look at a few ways kids can stay informed without getting bored or overwhelmed, and how families can discuss the news together in a way that works for everyone. Plus, we talk about what we’re reading and what YOU’re reading. Enjoy!

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

This episode is sponsored by Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls, the best-selling book and podcast (now in its fourth season!). Look for the podcast wherever you like to listen, and thanks to Rebel Girls for sponsoring our show!

What you’re reading:

Madison wrote to us to say that her one-year-old loves Dinosaurumpus (Tony Mitton), We’re Going On A Bear Hunt (Helen Oxenbury), and The Snail And The Whale (Julia Donaldson). She’s reading The Magic Tree House series (Mary Pope Osborn) aloud to her three-year-old, and enjoying Hamilton and Peggy! A Revolutionary Friendship (L.M. Elliott). Thanks for listening, Madison and family!

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